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At Ford Law Office, we provide advice and representation every day to help people navigate some of the most difficult times in their lives: from estate planning and litigation to business legal matters. Our specialty is maximizing the value of our clients’ West Virginia Oil and Gas interests, by agreement or litigation. We are a West Virginia law firm driven by principles just like yours:

  • Experience. We’re skilled attorneys with deep experience in our practice areas.
  • Hard work. We have the drive to push your legal matter to a successful result.
  • Compassion. We understand the importance of your case and how it impacts your life.
  • Persistence. We work hard to push your legal matter to a timely and successful result.
  • Responsibility. We keep our clients informed and believe in prompt communication.

As the attorneys of Ford Law Office, we rely upon our experience to protect clients’ rights. We are caring, concerned lawyers who take great pride in providing individual attention and top notch legal representation.

A Law Firm for West Virginia Oil and Gas Law Interests, and More

Specialists in West Virginia Oil and Gas Law

West Virginia Oil and Gas law is the focus of our practice. The population of the Mountain State has decreased significantly in recent decades. Many of those leaving the state took with them valuable Oil and Gas or real estate property rights. These rights have often been subdivided among descendants now living both in and outside of West Virginia.

Whether you now live in West Virginia or elsewhere, your assets in the state are probably important to you, personally and financially. We stay current with legislative, judicial, and industry activity that influence the value of your ownership interests.

West Virginia Oil and Gas law is the primary focus of our legal practice. We understand the implications of legislation like the 2018 Cotenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act on your personal interests. We also take the time to work with you personally to appreciate the impacts that these legal issues can have on your life. The attorneys of Ford Law Office understand the dynamics of ancestry, value, pride of ownership, and the enhancement of value through hard work for successful results—and we have years of experience in managing these issues as they relate to West Virginia law.

Experience in Estate Litigation for Florida and West Virginia

Our firm is experienced in probate and estate litigation. From wills and trusts to contested estate matters, our attorneys provide practical and experienced advice about asset distribution and probate. We take the reins and do it all so that the transfer of assets can be a good and meaningful experience. In contested cases, we fight for your rights.

The probate process and estate litigation can be stressful for individuals and families alike. That’s why you want a law firm with attorneys who care about your individual situation and the impact your legal affairs have on your personal life and that of your family.

At Ford Law Office, we are compassionate advocates for our clients. We work hard to be sure that your case receives the attention required to achieve a successful result. Because we are licensed in West Virginia and Florida, we are uniquely situated to assist clients with interests in the Sunshine State as well as in West Virginia.

A Knowledgeable Attorney for Business Litigation

At our firm, you will work with an attorney for business litigation who combines the experience and perspective of a national litigation practice with individualized counseling. At Ford Law Office, we address the needs of property owners, investors, royalty owners, and entrepreneurs in north central West Virginia and beyond.

Our West Virginia law firm serves small businesses and individuals who face a variety of legal issues. We work from the consultation stage through investigation, implementation, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and, if need be, through the litigation process and trial.

Ford Law Office engages in general commercial and private litigation for plaintiffs and defendants. Our business litigation practice is wide-ranging and includes issues affecting corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. We’ve dealt with insurance coverage matters, shareholder disputes, and stockbroker and shareholder issues on behalf of our clients. Bill Ford served as Enforcement Counsel for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and in-house counsel for State Farm Insurance companies, providing him perspective from key components of our civil justice system.

West Virginia Oil and Gas Law Attorneys, and Much More

It is important to have an experienced lawyer who will protect your rights. Our firm has the knowledge to pursue your legal matter effectively to obtain the best possible outcome for you, and we understand—and care about—how that outcome impacts your quality of life.

When you need a West Virginia law firm for business litigation, estate litigation, or West Virginia Oil and Gas law matters, the attorneys of Ford Law Office can help. We are caring and concerned lawyers who take pride in providing individualized attention, yet we are determined to fight fiercely for you in court when needed. Contact us today by calling (304) 626-3116 or email clarksburgwvlawyer@gmail.com for a free case evaluation.