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If you own property that is impacted by the oil and gas industry, it is important that you stay informed of new developments in the industry, its regulation, and associated organizations. Being informed of current laws and trends can help property owners stay ahead of potentially damaging, even devastating, situations related to oil and gas property rights.

WV Oil and Gas News and Resources You Can Use

Managing property is not the primary vocation of most landowners. While you have definite interest in the developments that impact your land and rights, it is likely that you don’t have time to monitor complex legislative and industry changes to determine what is relevant to you and how.

This is the gap that we hope to fill by providing you with the industry's most up to date news and resources. We’re knowledgeable about the oil and gas industry and monitoring for new developments. We can convey those new points of interest to you in a way that makes sense and is applicable to your position as a property owner.

On June 15, 2020 the U. S. Supreme Court gave the green light to the completion of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline across the Blue Ridge Mountains. This will allow the Appalachian Marcellus oil and gas industry to reach its intended markets and to resume its leasing and drilling activities. Click the ACL Opinion for full details. When landmen & land women call you, call Ford Law Office.